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Christmas Services

This Christmas, we are creating opportunities where you can be present–with your family, your friends, as we celebrate in this season.

Join us for one of our in-person or online events this December.

Christmas at MCC (1024 × 1024 px).JPG

As we close out this year, we invite you to partner with us in meeting financial needs of this house - allowing us to begin 2023 with some specific strategies to continue to grow our church and bless our community. 


Our goals for Miracles in the House

10% of what we raise will be donated to The Coalition, as a tithe to local missions. 


20% of what we raise will be invested into hosting another Freedom Academy, which we’ve seen so much impact and growth from for our church. 

70% of what we raise will replenish the church’s savings, allowing us to start 2023 in a strong position to make an impact

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